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Exceptional Auction Service Experience
We are committed to providing an unparalleled auction service. For any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us at

Important Notice for High-Volume Sellers

Starting 1st January 2024, Whiskys Auction, along with all other UK auction houses, must comply with The Platform Operators (Due Diligence And Reporting Requirements) Regulations 2023. This mandates collecting, verifying, and reporting specific data to HMRC for "Reportable Sellers." In 2023, these obligations applied only to EU-based sellers under DAC7 (EU Directive (EU 2021/514)).

You are considered a "Reportable Seller" if, within a calendar year, you sell 30 or more lots or your hammer price proceeds exceed €2,000 (before commission).

If you meet or exceed these thresholds, we must collect your identification information (ID, D.O.B, TIN, etc.) after the auction and before sales proceeds can be completed.

Step 1 - Create Your Account

Start by registering here. To participate as a buyer or seller, registration is mandatory. A one-time, non-refundable fee of £5+VAT secures your lifetime membership, verifies your card details, and helps prevent fraudulent bidding. By registering, you agree to our Terms & Conditions – please read them thoroughly.

Get Your Bottle Valued
For a FREE indicative valuation of your bottle(s), visit our valuation request page or contact us at Our valuations are based on past auction results and are indicative; prices are not guaranteed as auction conditions can vary.

Get Your Bottle Valued

For a FREE indicative valuation of your bottle(s), please visit our request valuation page or contact us at Valuations conducted by Whiskys Auction are based on past auction results and should be considered indicative, as auction conditions can change, meaning no prices are guaranteed.

Step 2 - List Your Bottles

"Easily Register Your Bottles with Whiskys Auction"

To list your bottles, visit our bottle registration page and provide the necessary information. Please disclose any bottle damage and any special details you want highlighted.

During registration, choose your preferred shipping method (details in 'Step 3') and indicate your preferred payment method after the auction.

You can also set a Reserve Price to ensure a minimum auction price for your lots.

After registering, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your Lot registration and fees. Your bottles will then be assigned Lot numbers.

Step 3 - Ship Your Bottles

Once your bottles are registered, send them to us using your chosen shipping method. Ensure each bottle is securely packaged to prevent damage during transit. We will confirm their arrival and prepare them for auction. For detailed shipping instructions and options, refer to our shipping guidelines or contact our support team.

Courier: Secure and efficient, our preferred option.
Drop-off: Visit our location to deliver in person.
Pickup Request: Arrange for us to collect your bottles.

Step 4 - Auction Preparation

Upon receiving your bottles, we will promptly prepare them for auction. This includes professional photography and detailed descriptions for each bottle. Your items will be scheduled for the upcoming auction based on the receipt date.

Step 5 - Receive Your Payment

At the end of the auction, we aim to pay the selling proceeds to you as soon as possible. This is typically within 14-21 business days post-auction, allowing us to ensure buyer satisfaction and fairness to both parties.

Starting 1st January 2024, Whiskys Auction (and all other UK auction houses) is legally required to collect, verify, and report certain data to HMRC for sellers with over 30 lots or over €2,000 in cumulative value under The Platform Operators (Due Diligence And Reporting Requirements) Regulations 2023. This information will be requested before auction proceeds can be transferred.

Payment will be made according to your selection at bottle registration, via Bank Transfer, PayPal, OFX, or postal cheque. For international sellers, additional charges may apply for Bank Transfers.

At Whiskys Auction, we do not charge any seller’s commission, ensuring you receive the maximum possible return from your sales.

Thank you for choosing Whiskys Auction – your premier platform for rare whisky auctions.

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